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There be spoilers ahead.

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So last week the boyfriend and I sold our souls and a kidney each to pay for cinema tickets to see Jurassic World, while sitting on the scratchy green seats in the Showcase Cinema, which don’t have cup holders (first world problems) and like to fly all the way backwards into an unsuspecting person’s lap should you want to lean into them.

We had originally intended on going to watch Ant Man, but I need to eat before I sit through a two hour film after work and the show time wasn’t best suited. So, I went into Jurassic World excited to see Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle and hanging out with velociraptors but I’d also heard mixed reviews about the film, with some people even telling me not to bother parting with my money.

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I’m glad I didn’t listen to them. I mean, the film did exactly what you expected and even paid homage to the 1993 movie with the kids finding the original building in the park and fixing up one of the classic jeeps to get away in. People going into Jurassic World expecting more than a film involving dinosaurs eating people and each other and certain individuals being bad asses to escape the park are a little naive.

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I’ll quickly touch upon the whole sexist debate that’s been ongoing about the movie (I spoke about it myself in an earlier post) and I’m actually going to say I didn’t find it sexist at all really. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a badass – I loved her so much I’ll finally forgive Dallas Howard for her horrible Gwen Stacey in Spider-Man 3 – who basically runs Jurassic World and runs from dinosaurs in stiletto heels that are so high they make my ankles want to cry just looking at them. Yes, she and Owen (Chris Pratt) end up together and yes their characters are a little stereotypical but it works for the movie.

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If we’re going to talk about sexism I’d rather point out Zach’s (Nick Robinson’s) character, he’s the older brother who just stares at the pretty girls he sees around the park. And when I say stare I mean like he full on, gawps at them like a right creepy weirdo. Someone needs to tell him that it’s really not okay to oggle women like an all you can eat buffet. Did anyone else find him creepy? Just me? I’ve had people say to me ‘that’s what teenage boys do’ and I’m like, erm that doesn’t make it okay guys.

I loved the velociraptors (and definitely want one as a pet now), I think the film did well to make you to connect with them and see them almost in the same light as a domesticated pet (of course they weren’t but when they had their heads locked into harnesses I felt a little upset for them) and then when they help out in the end you’re praying they all get away okay.

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To conclude, if you’re looking for a fast paced¬†action film, featuring reptilian terror and blood splatters then Jurassic World is for you. It’s fun, the CGI is impressive and the new dinosaur was great to watch.

Oh and Chris Pratt is in it, but I’d watch anything if he played a leading role. Or an extra. It’s all good.

I’ve read that he’s confirmed for another Jurassic World movie in 2017, it’s a gift that just keeps giving.

Oh wait, I will tell you something the film was missing:

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What did you think to Jurassic World? Was it missing something? Or did it do what it says on the tin?


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