One Day I’ll Cosplay |Pugs and Dinosaurs

When it comes to cosplaying, it’s not something I’ve dabbled in much and if I have it’s either been for Halloween or playing around with make up at home.


I’m not sure why, although I think I convince myself sometimes that I don’t have enough time to pull out the sewing machine and work on a costume. However, everything I’ve made so far has gone pretty well considering I’ve never really been taught how to sew.

I’ve got lots and lots of ideas in my head of what I want to create, but until I set my sewing machine up properly somewhere where it doesn’t need to be packed away every time after it’s use I’ll be stuck using the contents of my make up bag and not ever showing my cosplays off in public.

I have a long list of conventions I intend to go to over the next year or so. I missed out on the big MCM Comicon in London this year simply because I didn’t get tickets in time. I’m going to check out one in Northampton in September and also the MCM Comicon in Birmingham in November.


I think part of the reason I haven’t yet gone to any conventions and dressed up is because I’m a little afraid. I know I can’t name every Pokemon and haven’t read every Marvel comic going and I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game in my life so I’m always nervous someone is going to point at me and tell me I shouldn’t be there. I know it’s a stupid fear but it’s something I can’t shake and I don’t think I will until I woman up and walk into a convention, dressed in my finest cosplay creation and meet other like minded people.


What do you think about cosplay? Am I being ridiculous not venturing outside the house in costume or making time for it?


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