A little late to the party: X-Men Days of Future Past review

There be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

For some reason when the new X-Men films came out I just couldn’t get excited about them. I think Last Stand had left me feeling so upset about the whole franchise I couldn’t bring myself to go to the cinema when they were released.

I watched First Class at my parents a year or so after it had come out and did enjoy it. I loved Jennifer Lawrence as Raven and Michael Fassbender as Magneto and the back story between her and Professor X was interesting if not a little sad – who’d have thought Charles Xavier could be such an arsehole when he was younger?

giphy (3)

It was what you’d expect from a Marvel film, intrigue, great characters, context and interesting back stories…then last weekend I decided to finally watch the next instalment, Days of Future Past.

Well, the first five minutes were a harrowing, misery fest of death and destruction.

giphy (2)

What? I said to myself, why is everyone dying? Where did these Sentinels come from? And oh my goodness Ian McKellen looks so so old.

It did it’s job though, all these characters that I loved were being removed before my eyes – and it looked painful for them. The sentinels were badass. It was like watching Jean Grey die again. Which crushed me.

There were other characters to enjoy though, after the initial mass exodus. I have to say, I was a little in love with Evan Peters already but even more so now after seeing his depiction of Quicksilver.


The scene that involves the mutants breaking Magneto out of his special prison, allowed the team behind the film to really show off their SFX skills and also how fun a character Quicksilver is. It’s a shame he wasn’t featured much more in the film after this.

I also definitely want to see more of Blink and her awesome dimension warping power.

giphy (1)

But anyway, plot and thoughts:

Tyrion Lannister (or better known as Bolivar Trask in this film) has created robots that round up and capture mutants because they are a newly evolved version of the human race and he worries that they’ll wipe normal people out. These sentinels get a little out of hand and the last of the X-Men are battling them in the future and not doing so well.

Kitty Pryde sends Wolverine back in time to the years after the Cuban Missile Crisis scene in First Class to convince Charles Xavier and Magneto to stop Raven (now better known as Mystique) from killing Trask – which will scare and then encourage humans to create the Sentinels that create the dystopian future Wolverine has been sent from.

Antics ensue and of course the X-Men win (did you really think any other than that would happen?) But their actions reset the whole timeline, so everything that happened in the first three films didn’t…actually happen…

I did enjoy Days of Future Past more than First Class, it was refreshing to see some new mutants in action and the plot, while a basic ‘go back in time to save the world’ sort of job, was entertaining and thought provoking at times.

The ending however, was a little Dallas like. Wolverine wakes up at the school for mutants and everyone is alive – Jean, Cyclops, Professor X – and everything is good in the world. Even Rogue and Iceman are still together!giphy (4)

After that dramatic opening I guess it was a good way of closing the film, with a stark contrast, but it just felt a little too nice to me.

The geek girl that was late to the party gives it:

pug stars

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