What we really need instead of a new Spider-Man movie

You’ve probably heard by now who has been announced to play our favourite web slinger in the latest rehash of the Spider-Man franchise. And if you haven’t I wish you well from under that rock.

But you’ve probably read tweets complaining that yet another young Caucasian boy (I’m sure you’re going to be great Tom!) has landed the role and why aren’t Marvel embracing the Miles Morales character that we’ve recently come to love and who has just broken through into the new Marvel Universe?

I couldn’t agree more, it would be incredible to see a completely new take on the franchise but I have come to realise that Spider-Man would still essentially be a young boy, at high school, dealing with hair on his bits and girl problems. – so the character in every film so far then.

As Stan Lee puts it:

“I wouldn’t mind, if Peter Parker had originally been black, a Latino, an Indian, or anything else, that he stay that way. But we originally made him white. I don’t see any reason to change that.”

“It has nothing to do with being anti-gay, or anti-black, or anti-Latino, or anything like that. Latino characters should stay Latino. The Black Panther should certainly not be Swiss. I just see no reason to change that which has already been established when it’s so easy to add new characters. I say create new characters the way you want to. Hell, I’ll do it myself. “

“What I like about the costume is that anybody reading Spider-Man in any part of the world can imagine that they themselves are under the costume. And that’s a good thing.”

What we should be seeing is a bit more of Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and I wouldn’t complain if she featured in an Avengers movie – she was part of that gang after all.


Credit: Marvel, Miles Manaro

Yep, I used THAT picture. Sorry, I’m not going to get into a debate over it. If Nikki Minaj can do those sort of poses then I guess Spider-Woman can. She is crawling around on buildings after all and it was drawn by Milo Manara who is pretty renowned for his saucy portrayals of female superheroes. I’ve got nothing against female characters being drawn in this sort of way, because the men are pretty objectified as well – have you SEEN Captain America?


Look at those rippling pectorals and thighs that could crush your head.

Okay, I’m debating now. But I actually enjoy looking at these characters, because I understand that they are, in fact, a fictional cartoon. I know they can be interpreted as a representation of male societies views of the female gender and yes, I know first hand how tough it is having lady parts and trying to fit in within the world of comics and fandoms.

What I’m trying to say though is that these women are mostly so strong and so powerful that their costumes shouldn’t matter. They’ve got muscles just like the guys and they flaunt them in spandex too. I feel like as a woman I should hate the costumes, but I just don’t.

I’m not defending the negativity towards women in the industry at all because it’s still ongoing now. I definitely think it’s something that still needs to be tackled. I just don’t think the costumes and poses chosen by artists represent it. Instead we should look at what is being said in the comics and films and the role that the female characters play – not whether they have too much side boob. I will actually be putting up a review soon about the Netflix Daredevil series, it was the most sexist thing I’ve seen in a while.


But let’s move on to what I was initially discussing before I got mixed up in feminist opinons, what I actually want to see instead of a new Spider-Man is the Lady Liberators which was initially made up of Wasp, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Madame Medusa and put together by the villain Enchantress to carry out her own vendetta against the male Avengers.

I know that this first appearance of the all lady troupe was apparently created as a kind of joke by the male writers at Marvel as a response to the whole feminist movement but the Lady Liberators did form again in a more positive situation, this time under the call of She-Hulk as she battled against the Red Hulk and the group saw Spider-Woman join up with Scarlet Witch, Wasp, the Invisible Woman, Hellcat, Storm, Valkyrie, Tigra and Black Widow – quite a team I’d say!

We need an all female, all round badass team of superheroes taking on the baddies and they need to be taken seriously. Not another Spider-Man rehash. Although I probably will hand over my money to watch it.

Lady Liberators plus a great close up of Spider-Woman's bubble butt

Lady Liberators plus a great close up of Spider-Woman’s bubble butt. No matter how many squats I do I will never achieve such a glorious round dream of a derrière.

I know, I know. It will never happen. Can we just have a Black Widow movie instead?

Thanks Marvel.


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