Dr Strange is the Best Marvel Movie Yet | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Bold statement, I know.

Civil War topped my list when it came out earlier this year; it was action packed, featured loads of great characters…but when I tried to watch it again I was distracted, it didn’t hold my attention like Ultron or Winter Soldier. Plus, I’m still a little sore about Andrew Garfield being dropped as Spidey, no matter how good Tom Holland is.

Before I continue, this is a safe place. No spoilers here.

Dr Strange has a different style to the other movies in the MCU. It’s a little more grown up, Strange is flawed – perhaps not as flawed as say, Tony Stark or Black Widow –  his arrogance and his pride are his downfalls until he learns there is more to life than him and his ego.

Rachel McAdams played the part of Christine Palmer perfectly, I was a little worried she was going to be another Jane Foster – simpering, trouble causing and pretty useless – but she’s a smart, quick thinking doctor who doesn’t take any of Strange’s shit.

Marvel is great when it comes to humour, and I’ve never laughed so much at a Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy. They get it just right and every character gets a laugh at some point, mainly Wong. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation was also a fun extra I wasn’t expecting, it reminded me of the magic carpet in Aladdin and has a mind of its own as it helps him fight.

Cumberbatch is great at playing the ‘arrogant turned kind of humble’ protagonist (after all he is Sherlock Holmes) he’s curious and clever, made to be a sorcerer and we see him deal with his internal dilemma when it comes to fighting and killing enemies for the greater good.

The action is slick and the visual effects are immense, the moving worlds and dimensions are incredible to watch. Sorcerers have the ability to shift reality, which means they can move buildings and change constructions at whim, which really messes with your head at points. We watched it in 3D, so it was a pretty immersive experience. You may be reminded of moments from Inception during those scenes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there are two extra scenes at the end by the way. The first one is the best and hints that this won’t be the last time we see Strange.

I can’t recommend this film enough, if you’re looking for a new Marvel character to love then go watch Dr Strange.


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