31 Days of Halloween! | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved Halloween.

I loved dressing up in costume and seeing what amazing prop or outfit my Mum and Dad put together for me to wear. I remember my Mum creating an awesome pair of horns for a Maleficent costume using papier mache one year and stitching on paper roses onto an old bridesmaid dress for a Queen of Hearts one.

I love the decorations that come with Halloween, the slight tackiness of it all and the aisles in shops filled with plastic spiders and pumpkin shaped candle holders and everything is black and orange and purple and a garish all at once.


Me and Jamie are even considering getting married around or even on Halloween, I think my love for the day has rubbed off a little on him.

So, this year, to celebrate my love for all things Halloween I thought I’d put together a little countdown on the blog. Every day from the 1st of October, I’ll be posting a piece of Halloween related content. This will feature everything from costume tutorials, to films and music to enjoy in the run up, to personal pieces, plus the best places to grab Halloween decor and home accessories from.

halloween food ideas

I’ll be using the hashtag #pugsanddinoween on social media and also posting on Instagram and Twitter each day too. Feel free to follow me on those platforms to keep up!

Wish me luck! I’ve been a bit lax with posting of late so this is going to be a challenge!


One thought on “31 Days of Halloween! | Pugs and Dinosaurs

  1. Bianca says:

    Look forward to it!! I bought some more Halloween candle holders and can’t wait to decorate my house with them very soon! Xx


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