Mid September Favourites 2016 | Pugs and Dinosaurs


I say this on every favourites post. But how is it mid month already? Seriously.

And so, it’s about time where I share all the bits and bobs I’ve been loving throughout September so far. Here goes…

Engagement drinks 




My Mum and Dad were very kind and arranged a small gathering of people to celebrate mine and Jamie’s engagement. Neither of the families had met yet but they got on really well and it turned into a night of downing tequila shots with friends. We received some beautiful gifts and my Dad surprised us with the biggest, most chocolatey cake ever!

If you’re just joining me on this blog then here’s my post about getting engaged!

New patches 


Okay, well, one patch. But it’s so awesome it deserves an exclusive spot on this post! Ordered as soon as it was released from the Hand Over your Fairycakes shop, it’s a Stranger Things design featuring Barb’s glasses and the words: ‘Welcome to the Upside Down’. It’s been sewn onto the jacket already.

Pop in a Box 

September’s Pop was another great one in the form of Marvel’s Civil War Scarlet Witch. I love Funkos because of the little details that go into each figurine, I mean look at her finger nails! Everything is thought of.

Bounce Reboot fitness class 


Now that I’ve been going to the gym for over a year now, I’m not too afraid to try something new exercise wise. Bounce opened up a trampolining arena here in Peterborough and me and my gym buddies heard they were offering free trials on their exercise classes for a week so we signed up.

I have to say, trampolining is a lot more difficult than I remember! The class was a mix of trampolining and circuits, with battle ropes and a huge foam pit to wade through. Doing burpees on a trampoline is tough! If you have a Bounce near you, give it a go!

Halloween is nearly here


It’s nearly my absolute favourite time of the year! I love Halloween. I love the costumes, the parties, the abundance of chocolate, the homeware, the pumpkin carving, that crisp air in the evenings and the smell of bonfires. Once my birthday is over in July I’m already looking forward to October. The shops are already cheering me up with Halloween goodies already on display and all the fun content is coming out on the websites I look at every day. The candles above were found in Waterside Garden Centre in Baston.

What have you been enjoying this month?


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