Mid July Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

While you read this I’ll more than likely be tanning myself by a pool.

I hate myself for writing that sentence but I’m SO EXCITED!

This is the first holiday me and Jamie have been on and the first time Jamie will have travelled by plane, so it’s all very new and I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.

But yeah, I’m sure if you follow me on social media then you’ll see hotdog legs and cocktail shots galore over this week. Yep, basic bitch style. I even just got myself a new rose gold iPhone on my recent upgrade. What have I become?

But anyway, onto this month’s favourite things!

New patches 


IMG_5510Yup. New ones. I have a problem. I thought I’d test out etsy store For the Love of Patch and I was NOT disappointed. The Millenium Falcon patch I ordered is super high quality – the colours are amazing – and it arrived so quickly all the way from the US (shipping was super reasonable too). The store has some great deals on at the moment, you can pick up three patches for a tenner!

Getting back into fitness


Look, I’m lazy. And greedy. And this is why I weigh about three stone more than I should. But I’ve recently got back into fitness, going to the gym three times a week (haha well, mostly) and taking up running again. I’ve instantly noticed an improvement – I climbed two flights of stairs at work the other day and wasn’t out of breath – and my body shape is changing again aka I can see my waist.

For me, I need to find a sustainable way of being healthy, I’m not an all or nothing sort of person. I need a slow introduction and to steadily find my feet, I can’t cut carbs without reminding people of Bilbo Baggins around the ring.

I highly recommend you download the Couchto5K podcast, in two weeks I’m feeling so much more confident running and the encouragement it provides along the way really helps.


fineshade woods

After Snowdon I had a moment where I was like ‘I AM NEVER WALKING AGAIN YOU CANNOT MAKE ME PUT ON THOSE HIDEOUS WALKING BOOTS.’ But now I’m over it and me and Jamie headed to Fineshade Woods, located near Peterborough, for a walk on Sunday and it felt good. Just taking time to explore and get away from built up areas is something we all need to do every now and again – go to your nearest nature reserve or just trek across that field near your house, you’ll always feel better.

Bullet Journaling 

bullet journal

Yep, I’m that person. I’d heard of bullet journaling a while ago but hadn’t really understood the concept, then I came across this Buzzfeed post and was suddenly enlightened. I’m basically using mine as a back up diary, but where I can fill in my thoughts and feelings for the day too like a proper journal.

I try to add to mine before bed each night, while avoiding my phone, to make myself sleepy and do something a little creative in the evenings – I usually find I’m too worn out from writing all day at work to do anything else creative in my spare time. Once I’ve completely got to grips with my journaling style I might put together a little post.

Bioshock Collection 

I know, I know I STILL don’t have a PS4 yet but I was still so super excited when 2k announced earlier in the week that they were bringing out a remastered collection of the Bioshock series and I have to say, the images released so far look like the best remastering of a game I’ve seen.

The Batman Arkham series is coming out soon too and it just doesn’t look as good as the original gameplay, if anything they’ve lightened it up so much they’ve lost a lot of the detail. The Bioshock collection however looks crisper, brighter and even more stunning than the original. That opening scene where you look out into the ocean at Rapture is going to be incredible. And the moment where Big Sister breaks the glass in Bioshock 2…oh my goodness. I can’t wait!

That’s this month’s round up, I’m sure there will be an update on my hols when I return!



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