Mid March Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I almost forgot to put this post together, I’ve written up a full blog content plan for this year and one of the regular posts I put together appeared to skip the list! But here it is, in all its monthly glory. Check out what I’ve been loving in March so far:

H&M Homeware Range


I didn’t realise until the other week that H&M has its own homeware range now, and I have to say I want most of the items it sells for the new house. I’ve definitely made a wish list on the site and will more than likely pick up a few bits – even though I really shouldn’t because we have to put everything into storage while we’re living at my Mums.

Adding to my Funko Pop collection 

The Funko collection is growing now and the Adventure Time gang is getting there. I picked up Flame Princess in a little ‘treat yo self’ moment the other day and was also gifted a belated Christmas present from Jamie’s Mum with a super cute Rapunzel and Pascal set. I highly advise getting your Pops either from Amazon or your local comic store, Close Encounters near where I live does a great range for the lowest price for Pops (usually around £11.99.)

Cosplay progress 

mystique make up

I told myself 2016 would be the year I really start working on my cosplays, I have so many ideas but just never execute them in time for actual cons or events. So I’m starting now and am currently working on a Mystique cosplay. The above picture is a make up test I put together the other day. It’s a great way of spurring yourself on to carry on with a project, when you see something looking great and coming together it definitely inspires you to continue!

Finding something to help with anxiety 

My anxiety has been really bad lately, causing mood swings and a general feeling of panic in myself at all times. I think I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) too, but now that the nights are getting lighter this should get better. However, I’ll be sitting, working or watching a programme of late and suddenly my heart will race and I’ll begin worrying about the most mundane thing – but this worry just feels like it’s eating away at me even if it’s absolutely ridiculous.

I’ve discovered though that taking up yoga again has really helped with this, perhaps it’s the breathing and stretching or just the fact that I’m taking a little time for myself in the evenings but it’s made me feel a lot calmer and relaxed. If you can’t afford to attend a class I highly recommend trying out Yoga with Adriene’s videos on YouTube.

Adriene is warm and encouraging and explains everything clearly, she also doesn’t encourage you to overexert your body but to reach a pose that’s right for you – which is great because not everyone’s as stretchy as her! I’ve popped her video above for stress and anxiety, which has proved the most helpful so far, definitely give it a go if you’re still feeling the effects of SAD or just need to relax!

This month I’m listening to:

Grimes, Daughter, Sia and FKA Twigs

It’s a month for great female artists this month. I’m loving Cheap Thrills by Sia, Numbers by Daughter, Video Girl by FKA Twigs and Easily by Grimes. Here’s the playlist…

Bit of a wordy monthly favourites this month, but I hope they serve as some inspiration or are helpful in some way!


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