A Geeky Valentines and Why Deadpool is the Marvel Film We Need Right Now | Pugs and Dinosaurs

So as a Valentines treat me and the boyfriend decided to book the Monday off from work and head to the cinema to see Deadpool (forgetting that it was half term and therefore the cinema was rammed with far too many children for my liking.) It was a 2pm showing and very busy but as I attempted to wrestle with the guy next to me for the arm rest on my seat I was excited to see this sexed up, amped up Marvel/Fox movie.


I say this, but I’ve watched Jessica Jones and that Marvel show likes to feature a whole load of sexy time and violence so I guess it isn’t anything too refreshing, I think it’s just because it’s on the big screen.

Before I start with my thoughts on the movie, here’s my SPOILERS warning.

I’m also going to just ask the question on everyone’s lips…is Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool, or is Deadpool playing Ryan Reynolds? Seriously though, that man was born to play the ‘merc with a mouth’.

Plot wise for the film, it’s a pretty basic revenge gig but it’s interesting how they decided to have the movie split into present moments and lots of flashbacks back to Wade Wilson meeting Vanessa, learning he has cancer and then going through torture to be cured of it.


Image via cinemablend.com


Humour wise, it’s pretty damn funny. I’m not usually the type who enjoys that crass, vulgar style of humour but I did laugh at  most of the jokes throughout the film. I have to admit I was a little annoyed though, the trailer for the film is basically the first ten minutes of the movie so when it first started I was just like yeah, I’ve seen this a hundred times before mainly because while writing articles about films at work I’ve ended up watching the trailer each time I’ve mentioned Deadpool. I wish films wouldn’t do that.

The whole concept of breaking the fourth wall throughout the film was fun, with Deadpool regularly speaking directly to the audience and talking openly about this ‘being a movie’ as well as mocking Hugh Jackman and Wolverine a lot (he even sticks a mask of Hugh Jackman to his face) as well as referencing stitching his mouth shut, which of course refers to his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I loved the X-Men in this movie, Collosus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (best name ever) were great bit parts and added another fun element throughout the film. They help Deadpool but are also trying to recruit him into the X-Men to stop him from killing people, which of course doesn’t work.


negasonic teenage warhead

Image via popsugar.com


Collossus is my new favourite mutant, as he attempts to stay nice and even stops to let Angel Dust know she’s hanging out when they’re fighting – which of course gives her the advantage.

I’d definitely recommend this film to Marvel fans but don’t expect it to be a basic fun ride like the Avengers, it’s smutty, gorey and outrageous in places but that’s why it appeals.

What did you think to the movie?


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