Mid-October Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

I see a fair few ‘monthly favourites’ posts kicking around from bloggers I follow, and so I thought I’d add to the the tumultuous list you’ll find if you search Google. I always find them interesting, they’re a little snapshot into the life of the person behind the posts on a blog, so I hope you find them interesting too!

Here’s my round up of mid-month favourites, which mainly includes things I’ve been enjoying playing or collecting or wearing:

  1. The Last of Us

I’ve just finished playing this game and really enjoyed it, even though it is essentially a horror and I’m not usually up for playing those. The characters were well rounded and fun to play, the graphics were great and the game immerses you completely in Joel and Ellie’s world – so much so I finished it within two weeks. You can read my full review here.

the last of us ps3

2. Oh Gosh Cindy 

I’ve followed this artist for a long time on Instagram and Twitter, she creates watercolour prints and other merch featuring famous pop culture references and I had to get my hands on her crying Kim K badge for my denim jacket – which I’m currently filling with patches and pins.

oh gosh cindy kim k badge pugs and dinosaurs

3. Halloween food

I know, I know, Screme Eggs are just Creme Eggs but without the yellow bit and I don’t care.

screme egg

4. Cosplays 

I’ve finished my Harley Quinn cosplay, ready for London Comic Con and Halloween. It’s a classic Harley but I’ve made a bardot style top out of crushed velvet and am wearing this with leggings, a Steampunk style corset and customised boots (basically, I spray painted one black and drew on the diamonds). I need to get a wiggle on and also make my hammer!

harley quinn boots

5. Hats 

Now that the weather is getting colder I don’t feel like such a twat for bringing out my giant wool hat. And then I take twattish selfies in it when I feel like my eyeliner game is strong.

pugs and dinosaurs

6. Funko Pops 

I’ve got a wishlist as long as the route to Mordor for Funko Pops, but just lately I’ve been appreciating the ones I already have dotted around the house.

poison ivy funko pop pugs and dinosaurs

Adventure Time Funko Pop collection

7. Cute candles 

I’ve started on the Halloween decor already, taking Kraken rum bottles and repurposing them as cool candle holders. I also picked up these super cute cacti candles from the Tiger store, there were four in a pack for £5.

cactus tiger candles

8. Surprise presents 

My Dad surprised me with this amazing drawing of my favourite girl, Harley. I love it. I’ve featured his amazing artwork before on this blog, you can take a look by clicking here.

harley quinn drawing andy tolley

9. Super cute merch 

I found these Studio Ghibli soot sprites, while cleaning the shelves the other day, I was gifted them for a birthday a couple of years back and forgot how amazing they are. I have no idea where they are from but I imagine a quick etsy search should bring up similar items.

soot sprites

10. Celebrations 

It was Jamie’s birthday on the 10th and we enjoyed a lovely weekend of eating too much, drinking too much and socialising with our families.

me and jamie

I might put together a couple of these posts every month, just as a little insight into my life behind my reviews and rantings.

Let me know what you think


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