I’m already super excited for Fallout 4

I know I’ve only just re-started Fallout 3 but after reading up on what Bethesda and the upcoming game in the franchise has to offer, showcased at this year’s E3 conference, I’m quite excited about the prospect of Fallout 4.

The storyline appeals to me more, as much as I love a good old fashioned apocalypse setting I do also love seeing events unfold as they happened and being able to play as a character who is living in the thick of it (well, experiencing it first hand and then waking up 200 years later) is more interesting than just being thrown in at the deep end, once a new society has been created.

Here’s the gameplay demo and showcase from this year’s E3:

I think this new game is going to be grittier, showing civilisation still picking up the pieces and attempting to reestablish itself. I also like the idea of the furry companion who can collect things for you and help you fight, kind of reminds me of my Mabari Hound in Dragon Age (WHY CAN’T I HAVE ONE IN INQUISITION?!)

And finally the character customisation looks immense, it’s a drag and pull system which I always enjoy (cue making my nose absolutely enormous and laughing for a good five minutes) and the facial features and expressions are still reminiscent of Fallout 3 in style but have definitely been enhanced.

I will say something though and I know I said it in my earlier Fallout 3 post, the whole thing does just remind of Bioshock played in a Borderlands setting. But I just think it’s the era it’s set in/trapped in.

I intend to finally make the next gen transition this year and buy my very own PS4 console so I’m not left behind, cursing my PS3 controller and crying because I can’t play Batman Arkham Knight or Uncharted 4.

I get a little frustrated, when I read in the comment section about new games, people whinging about those of us still on old gens. I still like playing older games, I’m not one of those people who has to have the latest thing. I’m happy to wait, plus I can’t really afford to pay out nearly £500 when they first come out.

However, 2015 is the year I upgrade (and also keep my PS3 installed because I’m too lazy to change over my Netflix). Finally. However, I did recently read about when we might expect to see a PS5 – PC Advisor reckons potentially as early as 2018? LOL.

What do you think of the Fallout 4 footage that’s been realised? What else are you looking forward to being released?


3 thoughts on “I’m already super excited for Fallout 4

    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      I’ll probably just stick with the game. Have to be pretty heavily invested to go for merchandise as well haha. If it was a new Bioshock with Adam extractor syringe I’d be there…


      • CreativeRhino says:

        Don’t even get me started on Bioshock ha. Fallout and the latter are my two favourite series’ of all time. So I’m a sucker for merchandise from both parties.


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