Make a Halloween Tree This Year | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Forget the bunting, the cobwebs, the giant poseable skeletons…this year you should be making a Halloween tree! It’s like a Christmas tree but without all the fuss.

And here’s how:


1.Find a large branch, with lots of erm branches. I found mine while walking the dog so look for a spot with lots of large trees and pick up something ‘creepy’ looking, knobbly and arched over. That sort of thing. I dunno, choose a good looking branch.


2. Choose your colour. I went for a bold Halloween purple, but orange or black would work just as well. You can either paint it (I used basic poster paint from Hobbycraft) or spraypaint it. Whatever you fancy.

3. Leave it to dry and then find a small pot and grab some stones or gravel. Place your ‘tree’ in the middle then throw in the stones and gravel to hold it in place. As you can see from the photos I haven’t done this yet but I intend to for my Halloween party on Saturday.

4. Then simply decorate your tree however you fancy. I made the pumpkins using a simple foam sheet, cutting the shapes out and the decorating them by hand using permanent marker. I then just poked a hole in the ‘stalks’ then pushed some thread through so they could hang.

I then added some battery powered pumpkin lights and I did try some Halloween tinsel, but didn’t think it looked that great.


It’s just a fun way of decorating your home for Halloween. Why not give it a go?


*Apologies for the rubbish photos. Darker evenings are a blogger’s nightmare!

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