Harley Quinn Make Up | Pugs and Dinosaurs

As Halloween draws closer, I get too excited and have to try out my make up or put on my costume and for the 15th day of the advent calendar I thought I’d share what I’ll be using to create my Harley Quinn look.

This look can be recreated with just make up and a small white facepaint (I picked mine up from Hobbycraft for £3).




  1. Apply a light layer of very pale foundation.
  2. Go over this with the white face paint, use a sponge to dab on a light covering.
  3. Fill in your eyebrows as your  normally would.
  4. Take a kohl, pencil eyeliner and draw on a heart beauty spot on your right cheek. Then write on the words ROTTEN on your left cheek. It’s hard to do this in a mirror so ask someone with a steady hand to help.
  5. Take a blue eyeshadow and apply this to one eye, smudge it on the outer corner. Do the same on the other eye with pink eyeshadow.
  6. Apply a thin cateye with your liquid liner and then add mascara.
  7. Take your red lip liner and lipstick, apply this slightly overdrawn.
  8. Pop your hair in pigtails or don a wig and you’re done! Simple.

Here’s the finished look:


Will you be recreating this look on Halloween?


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