Baileys Pumpkin Spice Review | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Now that it’s Autumn, all the fun limited edition flavours are coming out and when I heard Baileys was bringing out a pumpkin spiced flavour I was intrigued.

I’ve never had a Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte, in fact I’ve never really eaten much in the form of pumpkin flavoured things at all. It’s not as a big a ‘thing’ here in the UK, but we’re slowly catching on.


I picked up a bottle from my local Morrisons for £12, but it looks like most supermarkets are carrying the flavour and selling it for this lower introduction price at the moment.

If you’re a fan of Baileys it’s worth a try!

While it’s intended for Autumn, it could definitely be a Christmas drink as well because of the spices such as cinammon and cloves. It’s very sweet, so you only need a small amount but that’s good because it means the bottle will last!


I’ve definitely enjoyed drinking it since picking some up and while it won’t ever replace the original flavour, it’s lovely in the evening with some ice in a small tumbler but also tastes great in both hot chocolate and coffee – perfect for this cooler weather that’s just arrived.

If you’re having a Halloween party you could even use it for Slippery Nipple shots. Which is simply Baileys, Sambuca and squirt of cream on top!

Have you tried the new flavour yet? What do you think?


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