Creepy Games to Play Around Halloween | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Halloween is the perfect time to crack out these spooky games to creep yourself out or scare yourself silly…here are some of my favourites:

The Last of Us


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One of my all time favourite games, the Last of Us is set in a post apocalyptic America (of course) 20 years after a disease has wiped out most of the population and turned them into zombies.

It’s made by Naughty Dog – they guys who blessed us with Nate Drake and Uncharted – so you can expect stunning visuals, characters with depth and a storyline that keeps you hooked.

It’s a hugely suspenseful game, requiring you to creep around quietly avoiding detection but my God if you’re spotted expect to feel panicked as the zombies aren’t slow moving ones.

Alice Madness Returns


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This game isn’t necessarily scary but it definitely has the creepy factor, with ominous looking levels, ghastly animations in the cut scenes and the back drop of grimy 19th Century London to navigate when you aren’t in Wonderland. The characters are also grotesque, such as the doll part children who greet Alice when she reaches the final level and the baby doll faced monsters.

The game itself also deals with the concept of fear and madness, as you attempt to discern whether Alice is really experiencing these things or if the game is just some nightmare world she is suffering.


The original Bioshock is the perfect creepy game to play around this time of year, and we’ve even just been blessed with a remastered collection to play on new gen consoles! Creeping round the run down Rapture, with crazy splicers crawling along the walls and jumping at you with mutated faces as well as the creepy Little Sisters, it’s definitely a game best played late at night in the dark!

Or…go retro:

Call of Duty zombies 


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Forget the latest instalment of the zombies bonus levels on COD, featuring Jeff Goldblum (lol). When it comes to classic zombie games you need to crack out the PS3 and put on Call of Duty World at War then sit down and try to get as far as possible without being eaten alive by the undead hordes.

The sheer panic as they break the boards on the windows to get in, the moans, the desperate search for a better gun or XP to unlock the chest. It’s a game that gets the heart racing, perfect for Halloween.

What’s your favourite scary game to play?


3 thoughts on “Creepy Games to Play Around Halloween | Pugs and Dinosaurs

  1. Stuart McEwan says:

    For next Halloween I have the Evil Within, Layers of Fear and a possible return to Outlast awaiting my fervent attention. But now I want to go back to Last of Us after reading this.


    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      The Evil Within looks terrifying! I love the Last of Us and the DLC Left Behind is definitely worth a play too.

      I’m not great with ‘proper’ horror games, I’d prefer to watch other people play them!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stuart McEwan says:

        That’s precisely a good reason to have a go, haha. People who potentially scare more easily could get more ‘enjoyment’ out of a horror game.


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