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As I scrolled through my Facebook feed the other day, I spotted a meme shared by someone on my friends list. It read something like:

‘Whenever you feel stupid, remember there are people outside looking for Pokemon.’

It’s funny, because I really had to resist typing furiously on the next thing they shared on their newsfeed, about something I would never watch or enjoy and think is unbelievably dull. But, I didn’t. Because that’s what they find entertaining and I don’t really have any right to wade in and tell them they’re stupid.


Yep, I played on holiday

I’m just getting really tired of people hating on the game when they’ve never played it and think it’s okay to belittle those who do. Yes, okay, we all have differing opinions of what we would class as entertainment but it’s just a little sad when people can’t be left alone to enjoy something. I get that it’s everywhere at the moment but it’s the same with every new trend or game. It will die down soon.

I don’t like football, but I didn’t whinge when someone posted about the Euros every bloody five minutes earlier this year.

It’s time for people – in the wise words of Woody Harrelson, in the film Zombieland – to ‘nut up or shut up’. If you haven’t played the game, download the app and give it a go. You might be pleasantly surprised by how intriguing it is, how excited you feel when you spot your first Pokemon and catch it. How you want to catch more to evolve them and build up a collection of elite super soldier Pokemon that will one day take over the world.

Just lighten up a little guys.

IMG_0497 (2)

So cute!

Yes, there have been some true idiots playing it, who have been hit by cars and involved in accidents because they weren’t paying attention to what they were doing but hey, these people existed before Pokemon Go and I’m pretty sure they were still being idiots even then – you just didn’t have the media jumping the bandwagon and pinning the blame on the game.

Pokemon Go is encouraging people to get outside, to walk and exercise regularly. One guy reckons he’s lost 2 stone just walking around to ‘catch em all’ – now, you can’t tell me that isn’t a positive. Parents with autistic children are applauding the game because it’s encouraging their kids to interact with others, giving them a common ground to begin a conversation and exciting them.

Me and Jamie go out to walk and catch Pokemon now, we walk around the local area and you can easily spot others doing the same. It’s nice, you always do a little smile at each other and it’s funny to watch as someone in another group shouts about something they’ve spotted on their screen and the excitement spreads round the rest. I’ve walked 10k in the past few days catching Pokemon, today I racked up around 12,000 steps. I’ve also discovered new places and noticed things I hadn’t before while in familiar spots.



If you’re sensible when playing, it’s a game for everyone. Yes, it’s very easy to get engrossed but if you’re mindful of your surroundings there should be no issues and it’s a good idea to take a break from looking at your phone every couple of minutes.

So, before you share that meme poking fun at the game just think about all the good it’s doing. If you’re in your mid twenties think back to your school days, you must have come across Pokemon cards or watched the cartoon, the nostalgia alone should trigger some sort of happy memory. Give the game a chance. Please. Even the local church is embracing it:


What do you think of Pokemon Go?


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