Mid April Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

So April’s been fun so far! That sounds really sarcastic but I was being genuinely serious.

giphy (41)

I’ve had birthdays to celebrate with family, nights out with friends and lots of cool new geeky treats I’ve purchased for myself (whoops I’m definitely supposed to be saving for a house deposit) and now it’s that time of the month where I share these wondrous things with you!

I’ve been thinking about content for this blog and I think I’m going to test out some more lifestyle posts and videos, let me know what you guys think!

Here are my mid April faves:

Star Wars PJs 


I do love a fresh pair of pyjamas to add to the collection. Usually I’d head to Primark because they usually have some fun designs for reasonable prices but I was browsing the Tesco Clothing site the other day and spotted these bad boys for £15.00 on there and was like yes, get in my basket. They’re super comfy, the trousers don’t ride up which is a big plus for me and the t-shirt is super baggy and comfy.

Click here and get your own. We can be PJ friends. It’s not a trap.

Tsum Tsums 

queen amidala tsum tsum

I’ve been meaning to pick up a Tsum Tsum for a while now but I was a little scared that it might spiral into an addiction similar to my Funko Pop one. But Paige and me ended up in the Disney Store on Oxford Street when we visited London earlier in the month and I couldn’t resist this Queen Amidala one, which I think might be the cutest thing ever. I bought Paige a Perry the Platypus Tsum Tsum too as a little treat.

They’re only £3 each, so it’s easy to see how a collection can quickly get out of control! You can pick them up from shops such as the Disney Store and Clintons.

Trips to London

pugs and dinosaurs 2

Obligatory train selfie

Considering I live just an hour away on the train I don’t go to London very much – probably because an off peak ticket still costs around £28 – but for my sister’s birthday I took her to the capital to see the Lion King musical. I highly recommend it, although I have to say don’t go to watch it if you’re expecting brilliant acting, it’s more about the costumes and the music. The women playing Nala and Rafiki were brilliant though.

I thought I’d also use the day as an attempt to put together a vlog. And I’m going to be honest, I failed. Vloggers and bloggers must miss out on so much simply because they’re so busy looking at a camera, and while I know my blog isn’t very popular I still don’t want to compensate on having a good time just to put together a great video. I’m going to put a post together about it I think, because it kind of opened my eyes to the work required to create these vlogs on YouTube.



As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer quite badly with SAD near the end of winter. February and the start of March were really hard months this year, I just couldn’t get out of the slump I was in, I lost interest in everything and I imagine Jamie was left feeling a little lost when I’d just break down crying over nothing.

pugs and dinosaurs 1

But…now that the lighter days are here I’m feeling a little better, although currently dealing with some anxiety issues, but I can run in the evenings after work with the sun shining and driving home in the light makes a huge difference too, so Spring is definitely on my favourites list this month.

Dogmeat Funko Pop 


Oh my God I ordered this adorable little guy in early February and he’s only just arrived because IWOOT basically didn’t get enough stock in and I was super frustrated and refused to cancel my order because he basically doubled in price like a day after release but he’s here! He’s here! And isn’t he freaking cute with his little goggles?

I’m going to do a little review video on him I think because I think he’s amazing. He was a present for Jamie but he’ll join my growing collection on my shelf at my Mum’s house. Which brings me on to my next favourite thing…



I’ve mentioned before that me and Jamie are moving back in with my parents to save some cash, and I’ve started taking some bits over including my Funko collection which is now in pride of place in the bedroom. I seriously can’t wait to get out of this flat and actually I also can’t wait to not have to be a proper grown up for a few months, we’ll just be paying a bit of rent and buying shopping and cleaning our areas of the house but other than that no real grown up stuff!

Working on more videos 


So I set up my YouTube channel in January, made one video then bottled out. But I’ve made it my personal mission now to start doing more videos. We’ll see how that goes. But I have put together a guide to Simcity that I’m pretty proud of if you fancy taking a look – click here.

You can watch my first video below if you didn’t see it the first time round *cringe*

So that’s it for April, what have you guys been up to?


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