Halloween 2015 | Costumes and Drunken Nights | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Halloween seemed to spring up on me this year, what with Comic Con and numerous birthdays this month I didn’t feel prepared at all for my annual get together.

The night passed in its usual mix of excitement at seeing close friends, after a few weeks of missing one another due to work commitments and house moves and general life, as well as plenty of sips on straws dipped in alcoholic beverages and drunken games of Cards Against Humanity, which caused more than a few uncomfortable laughs, followed shortly by a card drinking game which apparently was the tipping point for one of my friends who had to be taken home shortly after in a taxi.

I love having a Halloween party each year, I love the preparation for the night and spending time with close friends. I try to plan in advance, picking up numerous orange and black items from eBay (although this year I did have to make a dash into Tesco to pick up some last minute party decorations, due to my lack of preparation this year.) I usually hand out a prize for the best costume, but this year we were so wrapped up I completely forgot to hand it out. I’m not entirely sure who would have won this year anyway.

I thought I’d share today the costumes worn at the party, I like looking back on them and thinking about how fun the whole evening was and how much I hope I have my own place again by this time next year to organise a bigger and better event – which will hopefully double up as a house warming.

I created this costume with a wig purchased for a Ginger Spice costume, green face paint, tights, a swimming costume and a kimono.

I created this costume with a wig purchased for a Ginger Spice costume, green face paint, tights, a swimming costume and a kimono.

poison ivy make up

link costume

Jamie went as Link again, mainly because of how proud he was of his sword and shield!

halloween party

halloween party

skull make up

Of course being in costume I couldn’t resist taking a few silly pictures and thought Ivy would love Groot if she ever came across him…

poison ivy and groot

You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the images, I used my iPhone camera instead of my actual camera (mainly because there was drink around) and obviously they’re not great in dim light. But you get the gist.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?


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