A little late to the party let’s play Fallout 3: The search for Dad

Current objective: Investigate nearby town of Megaton for information about Dad giphy (9)

Well this place has gone to shit. Let’s investigate the area before I head to town.

I’m being told by my boyfriend to go see some woman about some money?

I AM NOT CHEATING I’m maybe cheating a little bit.

Thanks Jamie 😉

It bugs me that jump is triangle. X should be jump.

I can probably change that but I’m too lazy.

Just casually entering someone’s house.

I think I said the wrong thing to this Silver woman.

Apparently telling her to calm down before I put her down means she pulls out a gun.

Looted 400 bottle caps from her though.

Is that the currency now?

This game is very beige.

I just killed ants and got ant meat.

giphy (10)


Now entering Megaton.


Isn’t that a Transformer?

A little robot just told me the bomb is perfectly safe. That’s reassuring.

I like your hat Lucas Simms, Sherrif and Mayor.

You can be super sassy in this game.

Definitely debated telling the Sherriff I wanted his hat.

God this place is a maze.

Found the saloon, best be nice to everyone if I want information.

Poor Gob

Gob Wow, Moriarty is a smug bastard.

And I’m on my way to Galaxy Radio to find the old Pops who abandoned me for no reason in the Vault.

Wow. That’s a big bomb.

Why does it give me the option to activate it?

I really want to activate it.

Found Craterside supply, want to punch Moira in the throat.

Maybe I should detonate the bomb. Just to kill her.

moira bomb

Right, now off into the wastelands, wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “A little late to the party let’s play Fallout 3: The search for Dad

  1. anoukogilvy says:

    Hahaha yes! I thought I was the only one just starting to play Fallout 3 now! Moira only gets more irritating, wait for the writing the book quest… So.much.talking. Oh and there’s a guy in Moriarty’s that wants you to work for him and activate the bomb.. In case that itch comes back 😉


    • pugsanddinosaurs says:

      Oh yeah! I can’t wait to bathe in radiation for her! Haha. Might have to go seek that guy out later, I also just want to befriend Gob 😦


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