Mid-December Favourites | Pugs and Dinosaurs

Okay, so this is a little later than it should be and I haven’t actually posted in a while but December has been the absolute worst month this year and my time has been taken up with lots of grown up rubbish.


I do have a round up of favourites for you! Yay! It’s a Christmas miracle.

Little Inferno 

I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing more soothing than taking random virtual shit and  burning it in a big ass virtual fire. I have spent a fair few hours already on this game and many more will be added. It’s super addictive and has a strangely intriguing post apocalyptic feeling to its underlying story line.

Jessica Jones 

jessica jones

Me and Jamie have just finished watching this series on Netflix and I have to say it’s one of the best shows Marvel  has put  out so far. David Tennant makes an incredible villain and Jessica is a character you can’t help but love even with all her flaws. I’m excited for Season 2 already, I wish it would just air now!!

Secret Santa 

IMG_3518 (1)

I received an awesome Secret Santa gift this year in the form of a little Lego Harley Quinn! She’s going to sit in pride of place on my desk with her bigger Pop version.

Lincoln Christmas Market 


If you haven’t been to Lincoln Christmas Market I suggest you pop it in the diary for next year. I haven’t been feeling festive at all this December but paying this market a visit did help a little.

There’s the usual stuff there with tonnes of stalls selling gifts, Baileys hot chocolate and bratwurst stands (why do we always have to have a giant German sausage at Christmas?) as well as a cute Ferris wheel and the gorgeous Christmas tree in front of Lincoln Cathedral. There’s usually carol singers and everyone’s all wrapped up in their biggest winter coats and it’s super festive, it’s definitely worth visiting. The picture above is of a stand where me and my sister stood for a long time salivating before buying a massive doughnut to share.

New glasses 

IMG_3447 (1)

Since I’m 25 the old eye sight isn’t what it used to be…but really my eyes are just dying because I stare at a computer screen for 8 hours a day and then for a few more hours at night. I’ve ended up needing glasses after avoiding them for most of my life but I actually quite like them, they have a blue filter on the lenses to stop any glare from the light and make everything a little crisper! Get down to your opticians if you’re struggling with headaches or squinting while using a computer, this blue filter is  a life changer.

Smashing PBs at the gym


I’ve been a bit lax these past couple of weeks when it comes to exercise but I hit a PB at the start of December on the squat rack, squatting 80kg. Lots of girls are scared to go into the gym and start lifting weights, but honestly you really should give it a go, it beats an hour of cardio any day. I’m trying to get back into routine after a sickness bug and busy days at work affecting my ability to get to the gym.

So that’s just a quick round up this month, simply to check in before Christmas. 2016 is a New Year and I’ve got a spangly new diary at the ready to plan lots of new content.

There should be more YouTube videos coming soon feat game streams. Here’s my Bioshock one again, if you didn’t see it the first time:

Let me know what you’ve been loving this month!


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